All of our products are crafted one by one, from start to finish,

right here in San Francisco.



With years of experience in Product Development services and Apparel Production, we are your experts in making you the perfect fitting pair of jeans. Here at Clinton Park, we use a combination of traditional fitting methods and state-of-the-art 3D Bodyscan technology to get extremely accurate measurements, coupled with your personal fit preferences, to create your new favorite jeans!



Have a pair of jeans that you just LOVE the fit but can't find it anymore? Or want those exact jeans in a different fabric? We can recreate them for you! Simply pick the Fit Replication service when you book an appointment with us. You will have the option of choosing from our fabric list or bring your own denim. 



Curious about the 3D-Scanning technology? You can also book a 3D Bodyscan only appointment with us. We will email you the scan image along with the list of all captured measurements. This is a great way to track your fitness goals, or just to keep for personal records.